Bakiocat Experience Day

Corporate Bakiocat Experience

New for 2017, Bakiocat are launching a new and exciting service where we will bring the Bakiocat Experience to you for the day.

Is your company running a team building day and looking for something different to do? Or do you run a venue and want to offer your clients a new and exciting adventure.

Why choose Buggies for your event?

The Bakiocat Experience is not only a fun activity for your team to enjoy it also has many benefits that will help bring your team closer together and teach them how to work better under a stressful environment.

We have created a series of activities that have been designed to develop skills of leadership, teamwork and problem solving.  We will bring members of your team together in a way that increases their adrenalin and will recreate situations that will require them to work together to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. 

All of our activities are not only guaranteed to provide your team with a unique  extreme experience that will often take them out of their comfort zone, they will leave the day with new skills that are transferable into the workplace.

If required we can also supply a team building specialist that will create an individual report on each team member and how they handled themselves in the situations given to them.  This will be delivered to the management after the activity to give them an idea on what skills each team member showed most promise in and potentially give team members the chance to shine in an environment outside of the workplace.

Planning your event

Before arriving we will conduct a reconnaissance of the area to ensure there is plenty of routes and space available for us to give you the best experience.  If you do not have a venue in mind, we work closely with venues in the Barcelona area that are perfect for running events for both small and large groups.

Based on your group size and availability of routes we will then plan a day to fit perfectly around your schedule.  All our events are completely bespoke to you.

Types of activities

This really depends on what kind of space we have to work with but here are just some of the activities we can arrange for you.

  • Local Excursions
  • Buggy Racing Tournament 
  • Drag Race Top Gear Style
  • Advanced Buggy and Quad Driving Skills
  • Advanced offload Techniques
  • Rally experience
  • Orienteering
  • Blind Driving

On the Day

The Bakiocat team will arrive at your day with our trailer full of Extreme Arcticat 700cc Buggies and Quads.

Our multilingual team will then conduct the day as previously planned out.  Throughout the day your team will be under our watchful eye and direction.  The safety of each team member will be our primary focus. Our trained professionals will ensure that each event is set up and conducted in a way that delivers the required results.

During the day we will take photos and video of the activities that will be available afterwards along with a souvenir and a certificate to show they have completed the Bakiocat Experience.


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